May 252018

When the beard grows you need to comb, groom and maintain. Most men do not seem to bother about their beard when they grow long. The question is what kind of comb do you need to used. The kind of comb depends with the kind of beard you have. There are different kinds of combs at the Beard Care Shop mainly used for combing beards, they are made of plastics, wood or horns.

The type of combs include

1.Wild Nest Beard Comb Pocket Size- mainly used in the tradition of Korea or Asia. It is made from the buffalo horns and wood. It fits in the pocket and you can carry and use it any where. The comb has no sharp edges that snug your hair. As you comb it leaves a pleasant smell because it is made of wood and buffalo horns and wood. The comb is found at Amazon for about 32$.

2. Leven Rose Wooden Beard 7 Moustache Comb- as the name suggests the comb is made from wood to be precise bamboo. The comb is strong and durable and fits in your hand well because of the curve. It makes smooth strokes and the wide teeth are for the long beards. The comb slides through with no static.

3. Kent 87 Brand New Limited Edition Folding Beard Comb- It is in the size of a chap stick container when folded. It is made from polymer and it is strong and durable. The teeth are protected by the feature of folding, When putting most combs in the pocket they tend to destroy the pocket and create issues but with this the folding feature makes it all easy. If also your preference is with the handle its still favors you because you can open it up and hold it with the handle.

4. Baxter of California Men’s Comb- The comb is made from pulp cellulose and cotton. This handles every kind of beard from long, short and medium. Using it with both the thick and thin teeth combs perfectly.

5. Kent Men’s Handmade Comb- It is always in a set of three. It is a quality product from The Great Britain in 1997. Kent is know for production of quality of combs and beard brushes. It is always handmade from the cellulose acetate and not the cheap plastic that breaks after some days. It works well with all kinds of beards.

6. Beardoholic Beard Comb- It is made from premium pear wood and is anti-static. It has a pocket friendly size that allows you to have it anywhere you want. It is always great for spreading beard and is compatible with all kinds of beards.

7.Huntsman Beard Comb-It is made from sandal wood and has a pleasant woody smell. It can also handle any type of hair even the thickest. It has a dual sided with different size of teeth meaning you can choose any size depending on your beard.

Using the right comb for your beard makes everything so easy and helps you style it how you want. Also a well kept beard improves ones self esteem.

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