Jul 082017

In today’s digital world, marketing of goods and services have gone a notch higher to Search Engine Optimization where your trade can be visible worldwide to interested target market using search engines. But its not always about a bed of roses in this world especially if you get the whole idea wrong. First of all, Search Engine Optimization is all about marketing and a simple mistake you loose on the target market. You end up selling what you do not have. This is bad for business as it leads to the bad buyer-seller relationship due to unsatisfactory goods and services. Direct and indirect effect of this may include law suits, heavy losses and even closing down the business.

Since its all about selling and words sell, its important to not give out too much information. This is like selling yourself out to your competitors. For instance, if they know of your inventory and prices, they can make a deal better than yours hence affecting your trade negatively. This can also invite unscrupulous people who might be in to steal your information or literally rob you. Hackers will find you and deface your website or worse still, take your website down.

There is always the dirty game part. In Search Engine Optimization this is called “Black Hat” where companies hired for the digital marketing plays dirty to get you on top of the list.

Please be warned. This is a dangerous risk and will end up with Google, the mostly used Search Engine blacklisting you from their services. This can also lead to “chewing more than you can swallow” due to reasons like too much traffic on your site. Too much traffic than intended traffic will lead to your website crushing. This is bad for both you and the target audience who will not find your website when it is crashed. This is also a recipe for the market you can not satisfy. For example, if 1 million people book your services and you only have the capability of satisfying three clients, where do you move to?

Business is all about growth, and there is always room for growing. As we all know Search Engine Optimization is more of a directory, if you place yourself in the wrong place because of wrong Search Engine Optimization, you are hiding from potential investors and limiting yourself and business from growth. Investors will be looking for you at the right place while you are somewhere else.

You want to market yourself, and not someone else, that is why we recommend hiring a professional austin seo company. One common mistake people make having too many links on their website that leads to other websites.This is like chasing someone from your store to the next store. Once someone is directed from your website to another website, statistics show that a very high percentage never goes back to that site. Probably they will find something better and interesting than what you offer.

As mentioned earlier, SEO is all about marketing and words. Use the correct words and you on the right track. Mess with your words and you loose. For instance, you can not sell a product that “tastes like beef” in India. To them, beef is not food! Same as selling pork to Muslims.

The point always does the right thing, use the right words and be smart. Keep everything average. Never over do it. After all, honesty is the best policy.

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