Feb 272017

Children are given piano lessons, or recorder lessons, at school from a young age. Some children take to it enthusiastically, but most just treat it as another lesson to be learned at school. Many children become fairly accomplished at a musical instrument, but often it is mere because the child is bright, not necessarily because the child is musical. But to learn to play any musical instrument well is another story entirely.

Different instruments require a different amount of learning. Piano lessons are fairly easy, to begin with, and become increasingly harder the better you become at the instrument. The violin is pretty hard from the start, and just to get a sound out of it that does not put everyone’s teeth on edge requires some practice. The position of the violin as you play is also unnatural and requires some practice, so your neck and shoulder do not suffer. Once you have accomplished the early stages, and relax with the position, it becomes somewhat easier as most tunes played on the violin, like on a viola or cello, are one note at a time tunes.

If You Want to Learn to Play Don’t Let Anyone Stop You

If you love the sound of a violin, jump in and start lessons. Do not listen to any discouragement, if you have the time and determination, go ahead. It may be a little easier if you have some grounding in another instrument, but anyone, no matter how talented, will have to be dedicated and work hard to become good at playing the violin. Any musical instrument requires hours of practice.

The first and most important objective are to find a good teacher. Recommendations are probably the best way to find a good teacher, although plenty does advertise as well. Your local music store may also be able to help. Some teachers will give group lessons, which will be cheaper than private lessons. You will also have to decide whether your interest lies in classical violin music, or perhaps the modern popular fold music. There are plenty of CDs and tapes that may also help you.

You Have to Be Prepared to Practise Hard

Remember that even the best teacher can only contribute a certain amount to your learning, most of the effort will have to come from you. The dedicated practice has to be a part of your every day regime, and even then, some players may develop the rich technique of the skillful violinist, and some never do.

Violins are not cheap. It would be much easier to find a place that will let you rent a violin for a while. Learn also how to take care of it, before investing the money in your violin.

When learning to play the piano, you can press the keys and get the sound you want. With a violin or cello, you have to make the sound yourself. And some of the sounds beginners make can have your family leaving home. But the reward for playing any instrument well, and especially a difficult one like the violin, will be as astronomical. The joy will be unforgettable.

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