Jul 312017

Are you an Apple fan? Do you have an Apple MacBook? Apple iPod? Apple iPhone? Apple iTouch? Apple TV? Apple iPad? Well, I do. I am such an apple fan that I have to have the different products that Apple has to offer as long as I can afford to have them. The only downside of being an Apple fanatic has to buy those accessories that are just too expensive. And of course, having to get the AppleCare Protection Plan is just too much. But what can I do? I need it to protect my precious gadgets. Is there an AppleCare alternative? We’ve spoken to the best phone repair services in Atlanta to come up with an answer.

Contentions are endless each time you look at two things, two items, and two services. It resembles setting two debate teams groups against each other discussing national issues. One can never be happy with only one, so the trap is to get the person who will give you the better arrangement. Usually, the main thing that individuals check is the cost. The cost has the greatest effect on the buyer. It will decide if they will purchase the plan or not. If the value contrast is very little, at that point, the pros and cons will be taken into consideration.

Applecare vs. SquareTrade? Let us compare both their plan for the iPhone which is now one of the most popular mobile phone in the market.

The Cost

Applecare Plan – cost $69 for extension to two years

SquareTrade – cost $99 for two years with $50 deductible

The Coverage

Applecare Plan – two years warranty extension, no accidental damage coverage

SquareTrade – normal usage issues, spills, and drops


Applecare Plan – accidents are not covered

SquareTrade – great consumer rating and available in app store

In this comparison, you can see that SquareTrade gives the better deal. Although the iPhone is an Apple product, other companies give more when it comes to their warranty plan. SquareTrade is more superior than Applecare.

When checking the warranty plan, you are getting, doing extensive research is the best. Although there are many cheap electronic products right now that can be used and thrown away when damaged, you still need to take care of those that you will purchase at a higher price. Apple products for one are the most vulnerable that is why they offer Applecare. The only problem is they are much more expensive than other warranty plans like those from SquareTrade.

Aside from electronic products, SquareTrade also offers warranties for appliances whether you buy them from BestBuy, eBay, Amazon, PC Rush, Buy.com, Super Warehouse and other local retailers of electronic gadgets. They have constantly rated the highest rating of 5 by satisfied customers, and you will get the most minimal hassle when using their warranty. That is more than what you can get from Applecare.

So which one is better? Applecare or SquareTrade? Weighing the pros and cons, SquareTrade is obviously the better choice. It will give you more value for your money. You can get a warranty plan whether you have an apple product or not. Protecting your electronic products is easy as it can be. There will be no more problems and stress. Your precious possessions will be protected with the SquareTrade warranty.

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