Jul 132017

Smartphones are one of the most changing things in the world. Even though its core function remains the same; communication, its change is in the aspect of design which influences appeal and acceptance. Therefore, choosing the right phone that transcends all upcoming designs to guarantee you still being in fashion is vital. This could also mean keeping up with the latest fashion in mobile devices and purchasing them as fast as they come out with the cheapest mobile deals. There are trivial features that you need to look out for when you a looking to buy a new phone. These are:


· Battery life; this is one of the major concerns for users of any mobile device. A mobile device that guarantees a long battery life is a sure win. This ensures that you get to do all the activities that you need to do with your phone and charge it only when its necessary and not when you have to. A phone that guarantees 12 hours or more while in optimal use an ideal choice.


· Service; network service is important as it has evolved. Therefore, ensuring that you get the latest network service version for your phone assures you perfect service throughout the lifespan of your phone. This evolution has run from GSM to 4G/lite which is the latest network service currently running.


· Random Access Memory (RAM); this is responsible for the seamless handling of multiple application running simultaneously on your phone. Having a bigger capacity RAM improves your phones performance for multiple applications i.e. 2GB RAM or more.


· Processor speed; this feature controls the response time of your applications. A higher processor speed ensures the shortest response time for your application even for applications that consume much power. A minimum 1.4 GHz ensures the best experience for you on your phone.


· Flash charge; this is the ability of your phone to take charge fast. A phone that takes forever to charge is not ideal as no one has the patience to wait that long. Fast charge guarantees a user not being held back when they intend to rush somewhere. Therefore, flash charge assures full charge in optimal time of one hour.


· Storage space; this is the memory in your phone that allows you to store as much data as you need on your phone. A big phone storage supports application updates as well as personal data without fear of space shortage. Therefore, an ideal phone storage is 8GB or more depending on the purpose.


· Camera pixels; everyone loves taking pictures. It is like the other main purpose that substitutes communication on your phone. This is also inclusive of taking videos. A camera pixel defines the ability of the phone to take high-quality pictures. If you can get the highest pixels for the phone of your choice, you are guaranteed the best picture and video experience for your phone. This can be 8 pixels or above for mobile devices. However, full-fledged cameras have way pixels as their sole role is taking pictures and videos.


· Screen size; this feature defines the resolution and experience for your device. However, this is purely dependent on users’ preferences. The ideal screen size ranges from 5’-5’5” with provides the best resolution and experience for a mobile device.


· Brand; this is the most trivial concept for any user. The most famed brands make the most noise thus offer the best mobile device solutions. This creates a sense of loyalty for a brand. The brand defines a social class. Therefore, you should know the social class you want to be identified with before you go on buying a phone. However, if you don’t care much about this, then let it not bother you.

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