Apr 122018

You’ve paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a search engine optimization (SEO) service, waited for a couple of months with high hopes that your site will rank, and now what? You ended up ranking on the last page of search engines and you tell yourself “even my granny can do this”.

First of all, your granny may not be able to do it. But that’s not the issue.

The issue is whether you can trust another SEO company again to do it for you. So, here are some of the steps to take when the SEO company you hired screws up.

1. Check your Contract

This is the first step to do before anything else. Check your contract with your current provider. Did they give you a guarantee? Is there anything in the contract that states that you can get a percentage of your money back if they did not meet your expectations?

Who knows? You might even get a partial refund you can use for another service.

2. Disavow Bad Links

Do this if you know what you’re doing. If not, you may always skip this step and let your new SEO service provider do it for you. To give you an overview of what it does, disavowing bad backlinks is a way of removing the backlinks that are hindering your site from ranking.

The most common issue here is when the SEO company used domains that are heavily spammed with other links.

3. Find another SEO Company/Digital marketing agency

lt may be hard to trust another provider again but you have tojump into the waters again. A quick tip here is to use the search engines to find a search engine optimization company. If they can rank their site well, then there’s a higher possibility that they can rank your site too. This is not always guaranteed, but most of the time, it works like this

4. lnvest

You may have seen tempting offers for SEO services for only $200 or even $100 per month. WOW! That’s a really affordable service. But do you think it’s going to be worth it? Good SEO services can be costly and are usually not in this price range. You are lucky to find reliable providers at this rate. But don’t just get any SEO services that are expensive. It doesn’t work that way. Sometimes, you are charged high because you have a huge site. We’re talking about sites with more than 300 pages.

5. Ask if a Content Strategy is includedContent is king. I know you’ve heard it a lot of times but there is no good SEO with bad content. A good SEO company cares about the content you have and the content you will create. They will help you plan your content and will give tips on how you can improve your current content.

6. Supporting ServicesA great SEO company usually offers more services. Some additional services they can offer are social media management, video creation for Youtube, web development, and many more. The reason they’re offering this is because they know it will further help their clients rank better.

7. Look for SEO Company who Teaches youThis may be hard to find. But good providers usually tell you what they will do to your site. If you don’t understand some of the things they’ll do, they will extend their arms and teach you what you need to know. That is a great quality of SEO providers.

Find someone who can do these and you’ll get a higher chance of ranking better.

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