Jul 112017

SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a system that affects the visibility of your website or article. SEO is actually a rising system that helps online marketers or advertisers get online attention. SEO works by getting search credits or creating tags that Google Analytics uses to boost the existence of your website. 

For example, you’re searching for a consultancy company or certain consultancy articles. What you would notice is that on your search engine, the contents are basically sequenced in either the most visited sites and the most relevant content to the keyword you were looking for. 

This has helped a lot of businesses since people usually go for the first search that pops up because it’s the most recommended. This is also why there are paid ads that come on top of the searches; this is because there are companies that actually pay to be op top of the searches that come out of a certain keyword. 

The unfortunate thing is a lot of people are actually not well versed on SEO content and end up failing in their investments or articles and ads that they’ve worked hard for. This article will tell you how some people fail in SEO. In the end, we will conclude some of the techniques people use to succeed in it.

1. Competition

There are a lot of businesses and sites who have realized the potential of search engines especially in attracting customers and grabbing their attention for the product that they are selling because there are a lot of companies out there this also means that competition is high. There are over a thousand good SEOs like Rankfore SEO Agency or hundreds for a certain product, and it will take a lot of effort for your site to stand out. It has to be the same content and as unique.

2. Spam

Sometimes, in creating content, there are site owners who believe that the more they repeat the words, the more Google Analytics will rank their website, this is actually a wrong notion because rather than ranking up your website it becomes a Spam and will lead it to lose credibility. This is why in SEO articles, there is a certain amount of number that you have to comply with to get the credible Google Searches and for you to be on the Top ranking in the search engine. 

3. Not Having A Concrete Strategy

Apart from the content and competition, you also have to have a strategy on how to influence your rankings. SEO also prefers updated and relevant content, in order to help people find what they are looking for faster. So you have to have a game plan or a strategy on the frequency of your publications and the kind of content you want to put out there for your site to be ranked and noticed.

In sum, SEO is a learning process, and it requires a lot of patience in order for you to succeed. One thing that basically makes website owners to fails in SEO is that they give up so easily that they don’t give the article time to prosper. Bottomline is, learn all you can about SEO and don’t give up until you’ve reached your ranking goals.

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